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1345 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10105 - (212) 590-2500

Susan B. Feigelson, Licensed Real Estate Broker

"My reputation is built on knowledge, satisfaction and success..."

A Licensed Real Estate Broker with more than a decade of top-notch real estate expertise and a list of highly notable accomplishments, Susan B. Feigelson has proven herself to be a thorough professional and innovative leader with extensive knowledge of properties and market trends.

Known and respected industry wide for her creative marketing and solid sales experience, as well as her integrity and discretion, Susan’s services are in high demand. Yet what really differentiates Susan besides her proven sales track record is the ongoing dedication, concern and guidance she provides her clientele. In spite of her many successes, Susan remains dedicated to each individual client. She instills a sense of confidence early on, and builds a strong relationship based on that trust. Susan exhibits professionalism, and adheres to superior standards of service, resulting in optimal results. She also sets her clients minds at ease with her calm composure and skilled assuredness throughout the entire real estate process

A native, life-long resident of New York City, Susan possesses the ideal combination for the utmost competence as a real estate broker with a strong academic background in both architecture and psychology. Susan, who learned a great deal about the brokerage aspect of the business and developed keen interpersonal skills working with people of all cultures, seized the opportunity to make her mark in real estate. Her introduction to the industry began while working for a small rental company; and later, specializing in the sale of cooperatives and condominiums, joined Manhattan's leading residential firm before advancing her career to become an Independent Broker. Today, as founder and creator of Feigelson Realty Services, a boutique firm, Susan dedicates all of her energy to servicing, educating and guiding her clients, ensuring the best possible results for everyone who entrusts her with their business

Approved by the New York State Department of State for real estate instruction, Susan B. Feigelson is currently a lecturer at New York University.

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